Voyage Cruise Learning Platform

Why Voyage Cruise Learning Platform?

In line with our commitment to the continuous improve our way of work and supporting and assisting the ship’s crew to increase awareness and professionalism, V.Ships Leisure in strategic partnership with Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) have built a more structured and effective LMS platform named Voyage Cruise, which has replaced the present Marlins LMS & MELS.

The Voyage Cruise learning platform, have been developed based on the ship’s need and following the international Shipping industry best practices, talks and discussion on safety related matters

Voyage Cruise interactive learning platform engages and enables you to study at your own pace.

It is available to:

  • all seafarers onboard, on PCs connected to the ship’s computer network
  • seafarers ashore employed through V.Ships, using the their PCN number

Features & Benefits


Competency Management System

CMS to assist building your carrier path


Rapid elearning

Company and specific Micro elearning to help you get to the speed with the knowledge required  



Personal data report and statistic to help you have your learning records always update and available by simple step 



200 titles (including Seagull and Videotel) to further widen the range of topics available and enhance the overall learning experience. 

Content & Compliance

The Voyage Cruise Learning Platform provides you with different eLearning & videos content and aim to improve knowledge, professionalism, personal development and indeed safety on board all Vessels:

  1. Compliance related content:

V.Ships Leisure and related stakeholders, have identified and selected some areas and related knowledge which have a direct impact on the safety of person, environment and vessel, thus, a course Training Matrix have been built which define which course and training need to be complete according to your rank and responsibilities.

  1. The courses which require your immediate attention and compliance have been named "Critical" on the Voyage Cruise and can be easily filtered to be reviewed and studied

Please make sure you review the Training Matrix before initiating your journey.

Consult Voyage Cruise FAQs for any queries and contact regarding any platform issue, copying Leisure Training team at the address